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LNC Home was established with the single aim: “Making luxurious home décor pieces available to everyone”. For nearly a decade, we have been keeping the aim close to our hearts and endeavoring to delivering beautifully-made and thoughtfully-designed pieces. So you are presented with the well-curated lighting collection that is produced with love and dedication.

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Made to last

LNC Home is blessed with a highly professional sourcing team that is expert at discovering sustainable, durable and innovative materials. So, you are guaranteed with the highest-quality and made-to-last products under the budget. We stand firmly behind each product we manufactured and only bring items that survived stringent professional tests to the market.

Exclusive designs

As true enthusiasts of home design, LNC Home designers enjoy innovating and updating the designs and craftsmanship of the products and never fail in wowing the market with truly gorgeous but also functional pieces.


As a brand that spent nearly a decade researching and streamlining the product manufacturing processes, LNC Home is one of the leading manufacturers on the market that is expert at eliminating unnecessary wastes and keeping the producing technologies simply but highly effective. Benefited from the accumulated experience and expertise, LNC Home is able to present the highly affordable but made-to-last pieces to the market.