Semi Flush Mounts

What are semi-flush mount lights

Semi flush mount fixtures provide more illumination than flush mount fixtures. Semi-Flush mount lights are suspended, leaving a small gap between the fixture and ceiling. It is almost like a flush mount, but the difference is that there is a small gap between the light fixtures and ceiling. There is a stem or similar part that helps in holding the fixture down, which gives the look of pendant lightning without being as low. LNC Home has also a good range of collections in semi-flush mount lights. Semi flush lights are more decorative than the flush mount lights. They are more attractive and most are installed in the kitchen, dining room, bedrooms or even in retail stores. Semi flush lights are more lavish and tend to bring more illumination to the room due to the gap that is present between the ceiling and the light. It creates a beautiful ambiance if LED lights are used. The gap that is present permits a more uplifting effect for the light as it reflects off the ceiling. This creates a beautiful ambiance when the rest of the lights of the room is turned off. LNC Home Semi-Flush Mounts Ceiling Light Globe Black Finish Wire Cage Shade 1-light is the best example of semi-flush mount light. LNC Home Semi-Flush Mounts Drum Faux Wood Rust Finish Foyer Lights 3-light is another beautiful semi-flush mount light.

Installation Guide for semi-flush mount lights

A few guidelines are required to be followed before the installation of semi-flush mount lights. 

  • Step 1 is to turn off the power to the ceiling light circuit
  • Step two is to take off the shade from old ceiling fixture light
  • Then it should be followed by removing the bulbs from the socket in order to display the mounting screws in the base
  • After that untwist the plastic connectors
  • Remove the screws that link the metal mounting strap onto the electric box in the ceiling
  • The next step is using the screws from the original strap

Benefits of using semi-flush mount lights

The benefits of using semi-flush mount lights are that it creates a nice, bright and inviting more light to the room.

Places where semi flush lights work best

Kitchen, bedroom, dining rooms are the place where the semi flush light works the best.