Candle Chandeliers

During the medieval period, people used candles which are now replaced by bulbs making it safer and more glamorous. With time there has been a change in trend and design of chandelier or to be more precise candle chandelier.

Types of Candle Chandeliers lighting 

LNC Home has brought various types of candle chandeliers in the market which has gone centuries of evolution. There are various types of chandeliers that will enhance the beauty of your room such as

  • Crystal shimmer
  • Mid-Century Modern
  • Mason jars
  • Classic Candle-style Chandelier

Keeping these various types of candle chandelier in mind LNC Home has introduced chandeliers Candelabra Transitional Candle Brown Finish which consists of 6 lights. These can be hung for illuminating your beautiful dining room. For enhancing the living room LNC Home has got its unique Pendant Lights Transitional Candle Rusty Metal Finish that has 5 lights.

The Modern Candle chandelier with the number of lights you want 

The best part of modern chandelier is that it has been designed in such a manner that it has 6 lights, five lights or even 7 lights depending upon the requirement of customers. It has 6 lights, 5 lights even 4 lights to light a small room. LNC Home Chandelier French country shabby chic rust has 5 lights whereas LNC Home chandelier Transitional Candle Rust Metal Finish has 3 lights. The company has designed various types of lights to serve multiple purposes of clients.

Factors to Consider When Installing A Chandelier 

There are certain factors that need to be considered while installing a chandelier such as

  • The power needs to be turned off before installing it
  • The design and color palette of the rooms needs to be considered before installing a chandelier
  • One has to identify the purpose of handing a chandelier based on that it can be installed
  • One is required to read the instructions provided by the manufacturer before installing the chandelier
  • Before installing the parts of the chandelier needs to be assembled carefully
  • The previous fixtures are required to be taken down
  • After setting the chandelier it needs to be wired for illuminating the space.