How to Choose the Perfect Kitchen Island Lighting

farmhouse kitchen island lighting

Kitchen island lighting is specifically designed for both function and style. So how to choose the perfect kitchen light over the island to accent your work-space or eating area in the kitchen is a key. Besides, you need to identify what your kitchen style then matches your kitchen island light fixtures to this. If you're looking for the lighting ideas, see our wide range of island light designs for inspiration. 

A country kitchen is not complete without mason jars lighting! The mason jar chandelier is great for over a kitchen island. Add an antique and unique touch to your home decor with this wonderful glass bottle chandelier which will amend the appearance of your kitchen. 

mason jar farmhouse lighting

Solid wood canopy and specialized clear mason jars create pristine elegance and free feeling. It's unique & stylish design elevates any room decor.

mason jar farmhouse lighting-a02983

Pendant lights over islands are an excellent way to beautify your kitchen through decorative illumination. It comes in a variety of styles, shapes, adjustable sizes and finishes, combined with kitchen color and style trends, pendant lighting enhances the elegant rustic kitchen's open layout and complements the kitchen's clean countertops. 

kitchen island pendant lighting- A03182

The retro pendant lighting features a metal frame with decorative rust & wood-style finish, allow it to stand out from rest, elevate the decor with a beautiful rustic feel.

rustic kitchen island pendant lighting- a03408

This industrial pendant lighting designed with an aged look that will enrich the kitchen and add a vintage flair to the kitchen island. 

island lighting A03262-1(1)

If your kitchen island extremely large, the style chandelier is a great choice. The rustic chandelier less dramatic, giving an antique look to the kitchen island and add a casual touch to your decor. In addition, modern farmhouse chandeliers offer a pinch of nostalgia. 

vintage chandelier island lighting-a03283

The rustic wooden chandelier will complement a variety of trending and traditional styles from farmhouse and rustic to coastal and contemporary, give your home a rustic style, perfect for over kitchen island.

kitchen island lighting

and rustic best describe this beautiful light fixture. It features two hanging rods which is not adjustable, a bronze metal canopy and accents, clear glass and rustic bowl shade that offers a touch of timeless charm in the kitchen space.

rustic pendant lighting-A03297

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  • Eva

    The kitchen island is rarely ever used for one activity only. In most homes, it is a multipurpose space whose role changes depending on the occasion, time of day, and changing family needs. Its various functions include being a breakfast area, a kitchen workspace, a cooking center, or even a full dining space.

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