Shopper's Interest

1. How Can I hang a chandelier over a dining table even if the electrical box is not centered over the table?

In case you are worried about what to do when you do not have an overhead electrical box but wish to install a chandelier over the dining table, it is not an issue. There are certain factors which you need to consider before installing the chandelier. The first point is the distance to the electrical box. If it is quite far, a connection can be established leading to the box or there can be an external ceiling configuration as well. Not only that there is also the option for remotely operated chandeliers.

In most cases, it is better to have the wiring done beforehand. This saves the trouble and also makes it quite easy to connect the chandelier. Overhead connections are the best way to install chandeliers. They not only make it easier to connect the chandelier but also increases the aesthetics of the room to a great extent and does not make it any jammed up for the room. 

However, if not there is also the possibility of external wiring. There are wires provided with the chandelier. These need to be connected with the wiring to the electrical box and then simulated with a switch. This can although be quite unattractive for any room unless it is covered by an external ceiling. Another expensive but attractive option is to go for remotely operated chandeliers. They save the trouble of going for any connections altogether and can be easily controlled with the help of a remote. As for the power option they usually are connected to a power source for back up or often are run on batteries.


 2. How do I determine the correct size of chandelier hanging over my dining table?

A chandelier definitely adds style to your general lighting room. You will need to take the ceiling height and table size into account in order to make sure the correct size of chandelier hanging over your dining table. For the right hanging height, you need o position the bottom of the chandelier about 30-32 inches above the table. Make sure your chandelier is one-half to three-quarters the width of your table. To explain you with an example, if the dining room table was 48” wide x 60” long, the chandelier that is 24” to 36” in diameter would be an appropriate size to compliment the table.


3. Can the chandelier chain be adjusted or shorten?

When a chandelier light is in some absurd way and it doesn’t look good enough you need to make an adjustment immediately. Of course, a chandelier chain can be adjusted. They are suspended from chains with an electric cord woven around it. By shortening the chain, which is quite a simple process involving no electrical knowledge you can make adjustments according to your needs. Every chandelier ever bought must be shortened so that one may not bang its head. The chain stands convenient to make required adjustments.


4. What is the difference between the ceiling light and panel light?

Panel lights shape is generally square or round while ceiling light’s shapes are available in different shapes and patterns for customers to choose from. The  panel lights fixtures are more expensive than  ceiling lights depending upon function and power. The ceiling lights can also have two ways of installation – one is a surface mounting kit and the other is the suspension kit. On the other hand, the way of the  panel lamp’s installation is more available. They can be recessed, suspending and surface mounted. The ceiling lamp is more suitable for household applications whereas panel lamps can be used in offices, supermarkets; basically, it is used for commercial applications.


5. How do I choose Chandelier for bedroom?

Choosing the right chandelier for your home can be quite tough. It depends on the following factors.

  • Size
    The size of the chandelier should be in accordance with the size of the room. It is essential to consider both the length and width of the room. The result needs to be considered in inches for convenience. The height of the chandelier calculated at around 2 to 3 inches for the vertical foot of each wall. The right size of chandelier for your room can make your home quite captivating.
  • Function 
    The chandelier’s purpose needs to be considered. It may be decorative or a part of a necessary plan for lighting. An ambient chandelier is usually bright and is stimulated by an electrical switch. This ensures that the chandelier opts for maximum lighting output. The mood chandelier is more suited to a switch which is dimmer. It allows for mood-altering light levels. The position of the light switch also needs to be accessible pretty easily to avoid inconvenience.
  • Wattage
    Multiplying the length of the room by its width can help in determining the required wattage. The result needs to be multiplied further by 1.5 to find out the total wattage requirement for the room. In case the chandelier is the main source of lighting for the room, it should be carrying the bulk of the wattage. 
  • Mood and harmony
    The bedroom style needs to dictate the style of the chandelier so that it fits just right. It dictates the modern style of light fixtures. Most modern style bedrooms need a sleek, metal style chandelier to go with the features. The traditional or antique-filled bedrooms need a type of crystal jeweled structure. No matter the style, you can find the right chandelier for your home.


 6. How lights are used for the false ceiling?

A false ceiling is best equipped by cove lights which are indirect lights that are installed in there. These lights basically cannot be seen directly, they are hidden in false ceiling or fixtures.  This cove light directs light towards the ceilings and down to the wall nearby it. They can be used as dim light too. Having a false ceiling gives you the opportunity to use different varieties of lights. Recessed lightings are the most common ones. It gives a spotlight to an area and put a focus on a wall. Next, you may also opt for flush mount lighting which is ideal for low ceiling spaces. It spreads over a large area without being harsh on your eyes. Thus, these lights will give your house a perfectly modern look.


7. How much weight can ceiling light support?

In order to determine the weight that your ceiling light can support you may need to test it by hanging 35 pounds of weight from the fixture strap for a few days. Standard ceiling boxes are manufactured to hold up to 50 pounds if they are solidly installed.

If you need to hang something from your ceiling light weighing more than the ceiling light itself, but less than the ceiling fan, you could smartly get away with a ceiling fan hanger.


8. What are the types of track lighting?

Track lightings are basically a method of lighting where light fixtures are attached anywhere on a continuous track device which is also known as rail lightings. There are several different kinds of track lightings.

  • Accent Lightings – Also known as wall wash lightings used to highlight a certain specific item in a room usually a painting.
  • Task Lightings – When the light needs to be a focus on a single small area. They can be easily found in offices or private libraries. The light can be adjusted to focus better on the task area.
  • Track Type – The track is the piece that holds the lighting fixtures. The two main types of track are linear and flexible.

Track lightings are energy efficient, budget-friendly and highly customizable according to match the changing decor.


9. How does one choose track lighting?

A track light helps to reposition and adjust each head to customize the illumination in our space. These track light kits come with everything you need. If you are shopping for track lighting, you may find yourself really confused. You may start choosing a track light by considering your location for it and the shape of the room.  The track is a surface mounted channel that holds the track heads which come in all different types and styles. Therefore, different situations will require different track lights.


10. What is the difference between track lighting and recessed lighting?

Track and recessed lighting are two very common types of task lighting used for lighting up space. In order to achieve proper lighting, task lighting is necessary. Track lightings are great for high ceilings and cement ceilings. It can be used to hang pendants from tracks and gives you more flexibility on rotating lights. Recessed lighting gives a clean look on sloped or short ceilings. Pendants stand out better with the recessed than track lightings. Thus, if you are planning on purchasing lighting for parts of your household, you have to be very careful. Recessed lighting is far more subtle than track lighting as the light blends with the ceiling. But a track lighting typically provides more cost-effective lighting solutions, because they are mounted directly to the ceiling in a minimally invasive process and do not require remodeling as recessed lights because the lights are installed with the drywall.


11. Is track lighting good for the living room?

Remove your outdated light fixture which looks ugly and ancient. It is now time to shed light on your home with better lighting. The living room is the heart of your home and lighting it with the proper light will raise the overall ambient light. Track lighting offers a good deal of versatility. Indeed there is a wide number of choices to be made in styling. The track light is not limited to hallway, kitchen or study. These lights are extensively used in living rooms. This gives a real contemporary touch. Track lights are very useful because it looks fine if the fitting is suspended, which is not always the case with regular fittings. With tracks running through the ceiling of the living room, it allows flexibility of placement of the lighting fixtures. Track lights are used not only to throw light upon the space but to highlight the artworks placed on the wall.


12. Can track lighting be wall mounted?

A track lighting is mounted to the ceiling, but it can be mounted to a wall, a beam or dropped from the ceiling. Track lighting is a specialized lighting fixture, or lighting fixture system. The track lighting consists of straight pieces of rack that are attached directly to the surface of the wall or ceiling. They come with a piece that connects to a ceiling outlet, special 90-degree pieces for making turns. What really explains track lighting is that the heads can be mounted anywhere along the length of the track. This lamp is mainly used as an accent light because its precise beam control causes shadowing that can interfere with tasks.


13. How do I choose flush mount lighting?

A flush-mount light is a dome-shaped light fixture that is mounted flush to the ceiling. Both flush mount and semi-flush is likely the most common ceiling fixture. They are unique, versatile, do not require much space and illuminate a large area.

In order to determine the height of a light fixture that is best for your space, you need to start off by calculating the height of the room in feet. Multiply the height and swipe that value to inches. The result is the ideal height for a light fixture in this room. Accordingly, therefore, for low ceilings, below 20cm, you will have to pick a flush mount light fixture. For the ceiling that is 21cm to 25cm, you may consider semi-flush mount light. Most of them hang less than a foot from the ceiling.


14. Why some ceiling lights are also known as flush mount lights?

Flush mount ceiling lights tend to blend into their surroundings, giving light without taking in a lot of attention. These lights are designed in dome-shaped, prism, cylindrical. It is not the same as recess, where there is a hole in the ceiling material and most of the fixture body is in that hole, above the ceiling level.

Flush fixtures are mounted on your ceiling. Small flush lights are ideal for a closet or a hallway. Flush fixtures look best in rooms with a ceiling that is less than 8 feet high.


15. What is the difference between surface mounting and flush mounting?

The surface mounting means that it is mounted on top of a surface’s face, that is, the fitting on the wall will be placed outside the whole fitting visible. Whereas in flush mounting, the fitting will be kept inside the surface of the wall, the system fitting will not be able to see. The flush mounting means that there will be a hole that will allow for whatever is being mounted to fit inside.


16. Is there any ceiling light height that I have to keep in mind while installing flush mount and semi-flush mount lights?

Flush and semi-flush fixtures are some of the most popular lighting fixtures for the widespread illumination of a room. Both these lights are used for low ceilings and other areas like the kitchen or bedroom. Bear in mind the size of your room and ceiling before choosing your desired lighting piece.  For example, chandeliers are grand and large in size and may overdo the room, looking congested as the ceiling height might be too small. If the ceiling height of your room is 8 feet or less, a flush mount or semi-flush mount will still make the room look clear. Chandelier and hanging pendants work best on ceilings at least 10 feet high.


17. Which is the best light bulb used in pendant lighting?

There are different types of pendant lights. Some of them use only LED bulbs. These are quite useful for task lighting but are quite expensive. There are other available options as well which are just as effective. For example, Edison bulbs or vintage Edison bulbs may be considered as well. They may be quite old but still serve their purpose quite well. 

Edison bulbs are used in some cases due to the following reasons.

  • They can feel quite modern when they are paired with the right fixture.
  • Some pendant lights for traditional style rooms go only with vintage Edison bulbs.
  • The globe bulb shape can be just right for hanging from a neutral cord. 
  • It helps keep the room warm.

    However, there are other reasons as well which on the other hand make LEDs a better choice. Today, a lot of people prefer LEDs over Edison bulbs. The following are some reasons why.

    • They are 80% more energy efficient.
    • They do not have any toxic elements are environment-friendly.
    • They are brighter
    • These lights come in different shapes to suit the style. They are also available in the shape of Edison bulbs which make them convenient for any situation.

      Both LEDs and Edison bulbs go quite well with the pendant lights. It depends on the individual to choose whichever suits best. Depending on the need the choice may vary. Although with bulb-shaped LEDs available in the market, Edison bulbs are slowly becoming obsolete.


      18. What is the proper height to hang pendant lights?

      A pendant light is an ideal way to light up your surroundings. It adds on a very aesthetical look and pleasing to the eye. There are numerous pendant lighting designs available to add a decorative look. But before that, you need to consider where exactly you want to hang the lamp. This can be done by considering the size of your light. A larger light can be moved higher while a smaller light can be moved lower. You may need to ask the question – How tall is my ceiling? Rooms that have high ceilings require lights that are bigger and hang lower. You need to plan for roughly 84 to 96 inches from the bottom of the light to the floor. You should keep in mind to provide at least 1 foot of clearance for the person walking below.


      19. How far apart you should space pendant lights?

      Pendant light makes your room versatile by adding an aesthetic appearance. These lights are commonly used in your kitchen, counters or bars. They look the most stylish when hung with appropriate spacing. The spacing between pendant lights should be uniform for them to function adequately. The exact space between each light is based on the gap available. But a standard rule of thumb is to place lights roughly 30 inches apart. You need to measure the distance between the bulbs rather than the edges of the fixture. This estimation of the 30-inch rule is if you have to hang three pendant lights over a short kitchen area. The spacing between each light needs to be equal.


      20. What is the difference between pendant and chandelier?

      Chandelier and pendant are two common lighting types used to decorate your house. Although they are different from each other in various aspects- their difference in suspension system is one of the main differences. Pendant lights hang from a chain or cord with single or pair of lights at the end. Unlike pendant lights, chandelier lights hang from a branched system to handle too many lights. Materials used for manufacturing the lights are another factor. Common materials used for pendant lighting are nickel, bronze, stained glass, and Tiffany glass whereas, chandelier lights are manufactured from the materials like brushed steel blown glass and lampshades and are generally heavier in weight. Pendant lights are more affordable than the other one. These products are trendy and provide perfect lighting type according to the requirements.


      21. How do you adjust the height of pendant light?

      The proper height to hang a pendant light is 28 to 32 inches, but the fixture can be hung slightly higher or lower depending upon your preference. Besides, the height of the pendant light can be adjusted, as you need to make sure before hanging your new light to adjust the height at which it will hang by resealing the set screws and pulling the cord through the cover to the desired length. You need to cut the excess cord or it can be left a little longer, with the excess hidden behind the cover when mounted. Installing a pendant fixture into the existing junction box is fairly an easy process. They are available in a wide variety of styles and colors.


      22. How do I choose the best crystal pendant light?

      Before purchasing the crystal pendant light say, for your kitchen, you must bear in mind how high above the island should pendants hang be it kitchen crystal chandelier or kitchen spotlights. You must consider the quality of the crystal light. No matter wherever you desire to fix this, you need to analyze the shape, style, and design of the area as your basic concern. You may find fine crystal pendant lights by LNC, metal, and crystal globe 4.


      23. How do I choose industrial-style pendant lights for my kitchen?

      Industrial lights are eye-catching, looks trendy and modern putting an urban look to your home. The industrial theme is quite popularly demanded by consumers.

      The kitchen is the best place to utilize the industrial theme giving the perfect style of light to the room. You can always opt for LNC pendant lighting which is hand-painted rustic finish bronze hanging fixture for Kitchen Island. Large industrial size pendant lights were normally used in restaurants until now. Hanging an industrial style pendant light at home adds statement piece and drama to the kitchen. These industrial lights are replacing the mini pendant lights in the kitchen.


      24. How can we shorten Pendant lights?

      Pendant lights hang from the ceiling on chains also called drop or suspender. In case, you find the light to be too close to the table, you can raise it by shortening the chain. You can shorten the wire as part of the procedure is quite a simple task. To shorten the pendant light you need to follow a few steps.

      • Step 1 – Turn off the circuit breaker controlling the light circuit.
      • Step 2 - Climb up and support the light while you unscrew the canopy from the electrical box in the ceiling.
      • Step 3 – Lower the canopy to expose the wires in the electrical box. Now the take the light fixture down.
      • Step 4 – You now need to unhook the chains and remove the links to make it short enough for your purposes. Pull the wire through the canopy until it winds tightly through the shorter chain.
      • Step 5 – Strip a half-inch of plastic insulation off the end of each wire strand with the wire strippers or a utility knife. You are now ready to reinstall the fixture.

      Pendant lights give many lighting benefits. These lights help lighten a large amount of area at your house.


      25. How to buy the best lighting for the kitchen?

      The kitchen area is the hardest working area at your home with the constant food preparation, cooking and family time. The design you choose for your home adds visual elements and excitement to work in that space.

      You need to select lighting that will complement the wide range of duties performed in the space. From chopping to cooking and entertainment in the entire space, by making sure that your kitchen has dimmers so you can adjust the mood.

      To answer the best buy for your kitchen would be pendant lights which fit according to your decorative needs. Clusters of smaller pendants, when arranged in either a traditional line or clustered at various hanging heights, can create an impressive display for the kitchen.


      26. Why is kitchen lighting the hardest thing to get right?

      The kitchen always needs an ambient light like the recessed downlight. If in case, there is an island which most of the modern kitchen have nowadays, you may notice a pendant light or lantern and if long enough then one might use two or three of these.

      What makes the kitchen the hardest part is that there are quite too many variables. The kitchen lightings cover dozens of different styles. Island lighting is about 66” off the floor to the bottom of the fixture. It depends upon the height of the ceiling.

      Bright or cold overhead lighting makes your kitchen feel unwelcoming. Poor placement will leave dark spots in places and cause an uneven feel. On the other hand, intelligent lighting can bring out the best in any kitchen enhancing your favorite features and statement design. So, before making any choice, it is important to understand the lightings that work best for your area.


      27. Can this be hung from the vaulted ceiling?

      You certainly cannot install pendant lights on a normal ceiling, except for the areas above kitchen islands and pool tables since they hang low. However, if you have a cathedral or vaulted ceiling, you can bring the light closer by adding pendant lights to the room.

      Installing a pendant light from your vaulted ceiling provides your interior a dramatic look. These lights hang from the ceiling on a single chain, road or a cord. Installing a pendant light from a vaulted ceiling is done in the same manner as installing the lights from other types of ceilings.


      28. Island lights are dimmable?

      The kitchen island pendant is the jewelry of the kitchen. It is important lighting that helps in everyday tasks. Pendant light comes in many forms and used in different ways to give a modern and warm environment. You can well adjust the lights according to your requirements. Lighting comes in four forms, those are- ambient lights, accent lights, task lights, and decorative lights.

      Task lights allow you to install dimmer lights which can be turned on when the chores are finished. These are moodier lightings.


      29. Should vanity lights hang over the mirror?

      You may require functional lighting solutions for a space that is task-oriented. Just the way your kitchen involves, bathrooms can also be interesting to help find the best lighting solutions. Nowadays, bath bars and vanity lights are available to provide the light you need and can be styled in many ways.

      Bathroom vanity lights can be mounted along the sides of the mirror to offer the best illumination because they do not cause a shadow. What you have to remember is the height. You need to hang the fixture in such a way that they cast light across your face, not from above or below. You can hang the vanity light 5” to 10” inches above the sink and center the mirror in between the vanity lighting and the sink.


      30. What is the size of wood in vanity flux wood lighting?

      Bathrooms are the most multi-functional space in your house. A brighter bath makes your day even brighter, and bathroom spaces are required to deserve the right lighting. The vanity, tub area, and shower, all require different lighting choices to portray the bathroom as a warm and welcoming space. This is only possible by mounting the vanity light fixtures at the optimal location which minimizes the potential for shadows being cast on the face.

      The bathroom light fixture is made of wood and steel, the wooden finish gives a rustic as well as modern appearance. The average size of wood is 21 inches in length 6 inches in width. These light fixtures brighten up bath and decorate your space in a nostalgic and rural style.


      31. How long should vanity lights as compared with the mirror?

      You need to make sure that your vanity light is evenly fixed for your daily routine. The ideal width is 28 inches apart and centered at 60 inches above the floor. The width of the fixture should be at least 1/3 the width of the vanity mirror if you wish to place your lights above the mirror.

      One may also want to install the vanity lights above a medicine cabinet or mirror at a height of 75 to 80 inches from the floor. These lights contain at least 150watts that is ideally spread over the fixture which is at least 24 inches long so that light may fall evenly over your face.


      32. What are the challenges came across while installing vanity lights?

      Bathrooms are neglected or least considered when it comes to interior lighting decoration. Average clients do not give much importance to bathrooms except for their readiness to invest in the living room or kitchen. Lots of bath places are inadequately lit especially at the mirror area. Moreover, there is a single ceiling fixture that is considered to do it all.

      Bathrooms are placed to relax and take hot long baths and spa which makes it important to put second thought for lighting that area. After all, this is the space where you start and end your day.

      There are frequent questions about the angle at which the lighting could be installed or regarding the height. Truly there are quite a few challenges to overcome while installing vanity lights.


      33. What is the good color of vanity light we need to use for the bathroom with no window?

      In order to have good lighting color for your windowless bathroom is quite frequent in various residencies. Without natural light and fresh air coming in, these bathrooms may seem to be dark and unwelcoming.

      There are many ways to lighten windowless bathrooms too. You can use vanity lightings that reduce shadows and provide a good amount of light wherever you may require. These kinds of spaces also need brighter color palettes. You can start off with white that looks comfortable and amplifies the available lights throughout the entire space. But the canvas of your windowless bathroom may look too dull if left white, so you may have to consider introducing spots of bright colors here and there contrasting against the white background to bring in freshness. Murals, wall stickers, and wallpapers can also be used to brighten up the interior. Shower curtains with bold prints and light colors are ideal for smaller bathrooms.


      34. What size of rugs do I need to choose?

      In order to give your living room a modern look, you can deviate from age-old long rugs and land up to smaller rugs that fit the front furniture legs. You can fit the entire room with a rug and to do so measure the room and select a size that allows two feet of floor space around the perimeter of the rug.

      Keep at least 18 inches of bare floor exposed by the rug’s edges. If you are selecting rugs for your living room which normally comes down to three choices – 5x8, 8x10, or 9x12. Few guides recommend that either all the furniture rest on the rug except for the coffee table which is placed completely off the rug.


      35. Should couch be bigger than area rug?

      Your area rug should be about the size of your living room’s seating area to have a conversation space. Your rug must be a foot wider than your couch on either side in order to avoid looking awkward and weird. Your living room shape, not just the furniture should dictate the rug size, the placement should be such that space looks larger and feel connected. If you choose a layout with your couch on the rug, it should at least extend 6 inches on each side for proper scale.


      36. How can I match the couch with an area rug?

      A rug must fit the size of your seating area and be as large as possible within it. All furniture will be on the rug. A rug that is too small is one of the most common mistakes.  If your couch is of a solid color then you must consider selecting a patterned rug. You must match the secondary color in a patterned rug to your sofa. Match the rug color to your pillows, drapes, wall colors or other accents in the room. Area rugs are an excellent decorative accessory. It gives an image from elegant to classic and if required the more casual look of natural jute. It adds in the atmosphere of the room a casual look.


      37. Which rugs will be useful for the entryway?

      Your entryway or entrance space is not easy to style because you need to mix the natural element and style of your home. There can be mud on somebody’s shoe when they enter through the door. A child may leave his/her footprints which makes it a difficult process.

      In order to choose rugs that will be placed on your hallway, you need to make sure it is in a proportion of the size of the entry. Open and close the door several times to ensure the space between the bottom of the door and space between the entryway floors. Consider choosing patterned rugs which would add visual interest to space and hides dirt and grime temporarily until you can clean the rug. Multiple colors and interesting patterns extend the aesthetic life of a rug longer than if it were of a simple and solid design.


      38. How many cushions should have on a sofa?

      Nothing adds to the style and comfort of your sofa pillows in your living room. These cushions give an extraordinary decorative look. Pillows can bring added texture, color, and lively pattern to your furniture to create a look that you shall adore.

      The most popular cushion arrangement is 2-1-2. This means two larger cushions in both the corners and slightly smaller ones next to them and one cushion in the middle. Two to three cushions are enough for a two-seater couch, while a larger three-seated sofa can hold five or six. You can also place a base pillow on each side of the couch in the corner. Always place your interest pillow in the middle and complete this arrangement.


      39. What are the best ways to clean cushions at home?

      A sofa cushion goes through a lot of use as a couch is nearly the perfect place at your home where you can relax, take a needful nap, eat a snack, basically Netflix and chill. It is quite natural to have doubts about cleaning your cushion at home. No matter what, you should take care of your couch at least once a month.

      You can start the cleaning by using your upholstery brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner to remove any kind of dirt from the surface. You must look for your pet’s hair on your cushion and couch, also food crumbs. If your cushions are removable, take them off and vacuum both the sides. Use a hand towel to wipe any spots or stains to help eliminate them. Do not use colored clothes, as the color gets transferred onto the cushions.

      When you have already invested on your sofa you need to give them a good amount of attention.


      40. Are outdoor styling cushions weather resistant?

      What you must bear in mind while buying anything for your house are lifestyle and budget. You may buy outdoor furniture to fit according to your aesthetics. Pillows and cushions that are made of polyurethane foam, unlike polyester-filled cushions, allow water to fully flow through them. But make sure that your cushions are covered in solution-dyed acrylic fabrics. These fabrics are found in a huge variety of colors and patterns and are moisture, mildew, and UV protected so they do not fade.

      A cushion’s fabric and stuffing will deteriorate after a few years if left outside in the sun and the rain. If you want to keep your patio comfy, replace the old patio cushions whenever they start fading.


      41. How can I improve the lighting in the bedroom?

      Good lighting makes a huge difference in your room. You can simply improve the lighting in your bedroom by – table lamps, which is a great idea, a large lantern or oversized pendant can bring a focal point which you require. Secondly, you may add a dimmer which easily changes the mood of your room. Next, include at least three sources of light, namely – general, specific and ambient. One can also use Edison LED for energy efficiency. By lighting the dark corners of room lie, shelves or closets gives a more beautiful look. You can also incorporate reflective surfaces into your home. Mirrors and glossy floors reflect light around the room.


      42. What kind of lighting is best for a bedroom?

      Your bedroom cannot be all dark every time. It is a place where you enjoy reading, sipping cups of coffee and daydreaming. A bedroom must have installed lightings that help you in getting ready. So, lights should also give a soothing and calm feeling. The best kinds of bedrooms lightings however are:

      • Recessed fixture – General lightings are required when you want to get dressed.
      • Scones – Wall scones on either side of the bed can make your nighttime reading very interesting.
      • Ceiling fans – Ceiling fans regulate temperature and all the more throw bright light as overhead lighting.
      • Table lamps – Table lamps provide both task lights and accent lights. It is placed on a dresser; helps illuminate socks, jewelry and so on.
      • Pendants – Pendant lights are most often seen in the kitchen you can also boost your bedroom area by hanging these stylish pendant lights on either side of the bed.
      • Chandeliers- Chandeliers can enhance the aesthetics of any room. The way it illuminates the room can make it quite an attractive option for bedrooms. They usually work best with room heights of more than 9 ft. this should be taken into configuration. Adjusting the room perfectly with the chandelier can give it quite the look and also their adjustable lighting makes them just perfect.

      A large chandelier always adds to the design elements of the ceiling and takes the eye up to get a view of the entire room. A noteworthy design can make your room shine even brighter. It becomes the focal point of the room.


      43. Which is the best light bulb for the bedroom?

      Lighting in your room affects everything, from your mood to your sleep schedule. A bedroom is a space where you invest a big chunk of your life which brings us to the conclusion that your bedroom needs to be lit nicely. One might be confused by so many options out there.

      Few types of light bulb serve a specific purpose. Generally, there are three categories – ambient, task and accent.

      • Ambient lighting – It illuminates the room by giving overall lighting. It is considered the room’s natural light. You can use pendant light, track light, chandelier or scones to create an ambient light that fills the bedroom.
      • Task lighting – It lights up your reading area. As the name suggests, this focuses the light on a specific area. Desk lamps are a common task lighting option.
      • Accent lighting – This kind of lighting highlights a particular area like a piece of art or a bookcase. Creates shadow around the object for a dramatic effect.

      In order to properly light your room and get the best vibrant feeling, you must consider the lightings suggested above.


      44. How many watts do I need for bedroom light?

      LED bulbs have a long-range of power options which usually starts from 5 W and goes up to 40 W in order to light up your bedroom which exactly depends upon your requirement. If your bedroom has a brighter color shade like that of yellow or white then a bulb of the lower category could work. But if your room has lots of wooden furniture and dark curtains you may require between 12 - 15 W LED bulbs.

      What is important here is the size of your room which will help fix a particular kind of lighting. Like for example, if you need a light for reading purpose then you will definitely have to install a more powerful bulb. In case, you are watching TV in your bedroom a 5W power light bulb would be great.


      45. Is symmetry important in bedroom lighting?

      When you enter a room and it feels just right, the reason behind that is the room’s symmetry. Symmetrical designs are important and impact our subconscious. The human eye is inclined to symmetrical designs which are forever appealing. While designing a room, decorators often double up on everything, from a chair to bed to lamps. This provides a sense of balance. Using similar lightings could provide calming effects which put you at ease when the room is lit. Too much pattern or color will have the opposite effect. Symmetrical designs will work best with simple fixtures.


      46. How would you use modern lights for traditional space?

      You can easily transform your traditional space with a modern light fixture. Modern lights can give your home a truly unique style. There are three different ideas for making it work:

      • Whimsical touch – Traditional spaces have a serious appearance which can be changed by a modern light fixture. By choosing a pendant or a chandelier you can change the whole look at once.
      • Repeat shapes and finishes – Identify the various shapes and finishes in a room and find a light fixture to match. If your room has brasses then hang up a brass fixture.
      • Bring room into the present – If you live in an older home with lots of traditional detailing done, you can bring it to the modern era by modern lighting which will complement the interiors.

      Adding modern fixtures in traditional households allow you to merge the best characteristics of each style.


      47. What color light is best for a living room?

      The light that gives a warm and cozy feeling is the best form of the living room. Warm white (3000 to 4000 Kelvin) is more yellowish-white. Specifically, soft white or warm white (2700 Kelvin) is best for living room space. It gives a traditional, warm and cozy feeling.

      Your living room is your go-to spot where you need to relax and warmly welcome your friends and relatives. Lighting your living room isn’t just a part of your interior decor but it decides your mood.


      48. Is track lighting good for the living room?

      You can always run a track light along with the hallway ceiling. Track lighting brings a good deal of versatility and uniqueness. There is a wide number of choices in terms of styling. Track lighting gives a temporary touch and is ideal for a modern household.

      Track lights are perfect when it comes to accent certain areas like a display unit in your living room. It is helpful in the spaces where you need a lot of light in particular. It is a great idea if you need to replace ceiling fittings without having to rewire the house. It looks fine and proves flexible for the homeowner. This light not only illuminates the space but also highlights pieces of art on the wall.


      49. How do I choose a design for the dining room?

      Dining rooms are the most special space in your house. Apart from regular cooking, it is space indulged into birthdays, anniversary or dinner dates, it gives you so many memories which also deserves to be given equal special treatment. Thus, the dining room requires to be designed due to its day-to-day chores and celebration. There are plenty of dining room decorating ideas.

      • Ground the space with rugs – Dining rooms can feel empty with a single table right in the middle. However, a rug adds for color and texture. Make sure it is at least 24 inches wider than the table on each side of the room to allow for the chairs to slide out without going over the edge of the rug. Infusing a rug will bring warmth and comfortable feeling especially on a wooden floor.
      • Brighten the room with lights – Use two or more lights or track lights to enhance your dining space. It shall give the spot a beautiful effect. This can also be done by recessed light.
      • Wall art- You can always show your love for art in your favorite spot, that is your dining room. Creative work will bring positive energy to your space.

      It is not an easy and small task to create a dining space. But with a little pondering and planning, you can achieve the goal.


      50. How big a light fixture should be over the table?

      You need to make sure that you have enough light on the table, walls and the artwork in your dining area. It is not a place solely for eating but it is a multi-functional space. Sufficient lighting at the table and around the room is necessary.

      A chandelier, pendant or a non-linear multi pendant light fixture creates a great look over a round table. But a linear suspension light fixture is best upon a rectangular one, you can use two round lights over the table. A monorail system with small pendants would look incredibly lampshades over a rectangular table. You need to add soft general lighting to provide a flattery look with warm background and a fine atmosphere.

      The size of the chandelier will depend upon the size of your room and the width of the table. If the room is less than 10 feet wide, a chandelier less than 24 inches will look good. Large rooms with large tables accommodate large chandelier. It is one-half to three-quarters the width of your table. In order to hang them, position the bottom of the chandelier to 30-32 inches above the table according to the size of the table and overall scale of your space.


      51. How high should be the pendant lighting over a table?

      A pendant light must typically be placed 28 to 34 inches above the table. You can consider the size of your light. A larger light can be moved higher while a smaller light can be moved lower.

      If you need to hang a pendant lighting over a table, in case you have a large table, you can hang the light slightly higher. Keep in mind the shape of the table, if it is round, square or rectangle. If you have a rectangular table, an island, or a counter, you will likely need to have more than one hanging pendant light.


      52. What kind of bulb do I need for the bulb room lighting?

      Playing pool is a nice recreation of time. But you would not want to annoy yourself with low light and end up losing the game altogether. Just like the ones you see at your home, most of the pool table light bulbs have incandescent bulbs for 3 or 4 lamp bars. The rectangular fixtures in pool rooms use fluorescent bulbs. But the best kind of bulb for your pool table lighting is LEDs which are easily available in the market. Diamond lights have been replaced by LED bulbs which are brighter, smoother and cleaner light. This fixture can last up to five times longer. LEDs do a superb job with a simple installation procedure.


      53. How long should pool table light be?

      Pool table lights light up the ambiance needed to play. For tables, 7-8 foot in measurement, hang a series of lights that equal to 52 inches long combined. A nine-foot table requires a light that consists of one to four shades, totaling 62 inches long. You can hang the lights 30 to 40 inches above the table. The table lights require shades that direct the light to the table. So, hang lights about 60 to 63 inches above the 20 to 36 inches slate surface of the pool table.


      54. How do I choose a pool room light?

      Without proper pool table lighting, you will end up with shadows and other range of issues. In order to choose the light lighting to illuminate your billiards table properly, you need to keep in mind the size and height of the same. There are many different styles of pool table lights out there, some of them are:

      • Tiffany-styled – These traditional lights are available in various colors. They bring an antique look to your billiards room.
      • Classic pool table lights – These are conical lights often in groups of three to six that extend along the length of the table.
      • Modern or contemporary lights – The latest LEDs gives your game the greatest illumination.
      • Single or multi-shade lights – A single-shade light focuses all of the illuminations into a specific part of your pool. Whereas, multi-shades lights are some of the common options you may see in bars and clubs. These lights come with 2 to 6 shades on a single bar. These lights hang from a cord, rod or chain which can be adjusted to suit the necessary height for your lighting.


      55. How bright should pool table be?

      There is no rule regarding lighting standards for home or commercial tables. You must, however, keep in mind that, all parts of the table need to be illuminated to at least 48-foot candles. This includes center, railing, and corners. However, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration say four 40 watt fluorescent lights mounted in a 9-foot ceiling generate 50-foot candles at table or desk level.  The lights should not be brighter than 485-foot candles when viewed directly as this causes temporary blind spots.


      56. What is the correct height to install wall lights?

      The correct height to install wall light is a personal decision. You can, of course, choose for yourself, and depends upon our personal taste. But usually, a mounting height of 1.60 m to 1.20 m is taken as the standard. You can install a wall light around eye level, this avoids glare because you might not view directly into the light source.

      A small LED in the hallway or above the stair should be installed at a lower height, as you can be guided at night. The down lighting wall lights that are mounted too high can be annoying because of the glare. The same applies to the up lighters that are mounted too low.

      Generally, wall sconces are installed at a height of 66 inches to 72 inches above the floor level. However, if the average height of people living at your place is above 6 feet or below five, you can adjust it according to your necessity.


      57. What is the type of glass shade in wall lights: tinted, white or frosted?

      Glass shade wall lights are a popular addition to numerous modern homes. These wall lights offer ideal kind of lighting for wherever you need them to illuminate upon. Glass shade wall lights are better than metal wall lights. These are extremely versatile in their style and look. From clear to frosted glass are used in a variety of shapes and complete with many different patterns.

      Glass shade wall lights are eco-friendly and sustainable which makes this first priority while purchasing. Further, you can also combine a glass shade lamp with LED bulbs which is also safe for the environment.