I am Kelly, founder of LNC home, very nice to meet you.  

6 years ago, I was a typical office lady, busy juggling multiple projects, hectically chasing after deadlines, and trying to keep the balance between life and work. In 2014, I had my first-born. When I had the little angel between my arms, I suddenly realized how much fun, joy, and happiness I had missed in my life and I suddenly had this tremendous impulse in my blood to fully live my life and chase after my dream of the ultimate beauty and elegant lifestyle.

I’ve always been passionate about interior design, and I am a true believer that tastes do not correlate with money. I had the idea of delivering high-quality, elegantly-designed, and hand-made home decors to the like-minded life-lovers who are creative, optimistic, audacious, and passionate.

I do not want anyone to be held back by budget, thus, my team had been working very hard to streamline the factory process and utilize the most environmental designs to minimize unnecessary costs. And this is the secret for our long-lasting but also affordable pieces.

I hope you enjoy the thoughtfully-designed, affordable and made-to-last pieces from LNC Home and always enjoy the beautiful bits in life.

Loads of love,

Kelly ♥

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We aim at making luxurious and beautifully-designed home decor pieces accessible to everyone.

We never compromise on the qualities of the products. We believe a beautiful design deserves the best materials. So you are guaranteed with the finest materials under the budget and every design piece is the product of dedicated work of our experienced carpenters, electricians, and engineers.


We believe in the power of art and design.

Your personalities can be reflected in your home design. And the uniqueness and chicness in your space will further nurture your charm and personalities.

To unleash the power in home design, we produce each product with dedication, passion, and integrity. So you are bringing home not just a home decor item, but also positive energies that can flourish your soul.

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