Wood Drum Chandelier

Drum Chandelier

If there is a crown for the piece which could perfectly determine the keynote of a room, the drum chandelier must win out. Not only because it is made of pure material close to nature, enhancing the homey, eased and comfortable feeling for your sweet home, but also the unique carved drum shape body with hollow design, constantly exuding chic and stylish charm.

If the wood drum chandelier is already on the top list of your décor plan, then we have to say congratulations. This gorgeous fixture will definitely be the Super Star in any room, whether it’s your foyer, kitchen or dining room, it can easily catch people’s attention and leave a deep impression. The normal size drum appearance will undoubtedly suit all sizes of places. However, if you want to decorate a narrow place to let it have more sense of elegance, it would be better to choose a mini one as your eye-catching centerpiece.

Wood Drum Chandelier is a masterpiece of combining natural feeling and ultimate glamour. The round shape, black iron, vintage wood and understated frame line are all indispensable notes to make your lovely home immerse into the timeless beauty as well as comfy pleasure. Sounds desirable for you? Then just browse the beauties above, and pick your favorite ones!