Pendant Lights

Pendant light- Types and Styles

Before letting your mind wander regarding how a pendant light looks like let's take a quick look at the type of pendant lights that are available in the market. There are various types of pendant light such as drum pendant, globe pendant, bowl pendant and many more. 

LNC Home has brought a range of pendant lights in the market that will take away your breath. LNC Home has a range of pendant lights that can be hung in the kitchen or in the dining room such as LNC Home pendant lights adjustable mini bowl, LNC Home farmhouse Faux Wood finish which will add a Victorian look to your house make it more dramatic. It has also introduced LNC Home pendant farmhouse chandelier metal cage shade silver mini rustic which has one light. This type of chandelier can be hung in the kitchen or in the dining or even in a small room as it will not take much place. LNC Home lights barn warehouse black hanging lights is another beautiful creation of LNC Home that has oy one light and can be used to illuminate small rooms.

Why should we choose modern pendant lights over contemporary Ceiling lights

LNC Home will give you several reasons for choosing modern pendant lights over contemporary ceiling lights. LNC Home has designed the pendant lights in such a manner that it will quench the needs of contemporary ceiling lights. Rather LNC Home has added extra beauty while designing these lights as they will meet the requirements of ceiling lights and also give a vintage look to the room. It doesn't even take much space to hang a pendant light. Moreover LNC Home has given huge options in the range of pendant lights.

Guides for installing Pendant lamps

Pendant lights follow the same guidelines for Installation like other Chandelier. 

  • The power needs to be turned off before the installation
  • One has to go through all the instructions that are provided by the manufacturer
  • The parts of the chandelier need to be assembled first before installing it
  • The new chandelier needs to be wired