Pantry Lights

Which is the first word that comes to your mind when you hear the word pantry? Kitchen! Yes, that’s right the word pantry has a deep connection with the word kitchen. If we go further in discussing the meaning that it can be said that kitchen is a room or area where food is prepared and pantry is a small room, closet or cabinet that is usually placed near the kitchen. This is the place where one stores kitchenware and food. Often this place is neglected by us and is given less importance. Ironically this is the storehouse of the kitchen where all items of food are stored along with the kitchenware. This place can also be designed and can be given an exclusive look. LNCHome even designed its lights thinking of this tiny place.

Checkout Some Pantry lighting ideas 

This is the place where you can show your creativity skill by making this area more beautiful and attractive. For this, you need to chalk out whether you want to make it more dramatic by using track lights which will not only highlight the areas you want but will also create a good ambiance. LNCHome Track Lights Kit Semi Flush Mount Close to Ceiling Light 4-light is the best example which illuminate pantry areas rather than lightning the whole areas. These lights will help in highlighting the only pantry area adding more drama and complementing your kitchen.

How to select the right lighting for your pantry

For selecting the right lighting for the pantry you need to decide how much area to highlight and which area to highlight. These two factors will solve the confusion of selecting pantry lights. LEDs are very versatile and efficient. For ie. LED rope of lights can be placed on the wooden edges of your closet adding more drama to it and making it more beautiful by highlighting only the cabinet.