As a brand that is surf on the edge of home décor design, LNC Home has been evolving and innovating the designs for almost a decade.

So you are presented with the pieces that incorporated the wisdom of traditional designs and are spiced up with a modern twist.

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LNC Home is blessed with a team of highly-talented designers and experienced artisans. Thanks to their dedicated hard work, each piece is beautifully and exclusively-designed, and are crafted to the highest standards with the highest-quality materials. So, each piece by LNC Home is infiltrated with dedication, love and passion.

The industry-renowned lighting pieces by LNC Home are consistent in their elegant designs and outstanding qualities. So when you made a purchase with LNC Home, you are bringing home items that are guaranteed with longevity and aesthetics that can surpass time.

We recently launched our rug and furniture line, consistent with the philosophy of LNC Home, all the pieces in the collection are versatile, inviting, made-to-last and gorgeous beyond words can describe.

Hope you have a very lovely time enjoying the beautiful bits in life with LNC Home.