Living Room Lights

For choosing light for the living room the first thing that you need to answer is what kind of decoration and theme you want to follow. There are a huge number of options available that can make your living room beautiful. The living room is the place where all your guests come and enjoy spending time with you. Playing with the ambiance is not limited to bedroom such things go well even in the living room. LNCHome has a wide range of lights that will make illuminate your living room the way you want to.

Planning Living room lighting

Advice & ideas: for lighting the living room the first thing that you should keep in mind is the area of the room and how much you want the light to illuminate your room. Simple designs can be more attractive than intricate designs in the modern living room. For this, there are many dramatic shapes and unusual fixtures that will grab your attention in the first look.

Type of lighting needs

There are different types of light that can be used in the living room such as ceiling lights, table lights, and floor light. You have to decide what kind of light you want to use for enhancing the decoration theme of your living room. Nowadays floor lights are attracting people. Floor lights create a beautifully romantic ambiance when you do not want too much light in your room.

Planning ideas- room proportion, dark spot removal, highlight specific areas

Types of lights greatly depend on the proportion of the room. Keeping this thing in mind LNCHome has brought various sizes, shapes, and styles of lights that can be mounted on the living room adding an extra charm. For example, if you want to highlight a particular area then u can affix a spotlight that will serve the purpose. LNCHome Chandeliers French Country Handmade Shabby Chic 6-light will help you to illuminate a huge place.

Option for dimmers 

you can even keep an option of dimmer and it is recently gaining popularity

Creative lighting with a cool or warm bulb 

Nowadays playing with colors and setting the mood is also becoming popular. You can add more drama by playing with the colors of the bulb.