Farmhouse Chandeliers

Over $150: LNC10  | Over $350: LNC30 | Over $550: LNC60

Farmhouse chandelier

Do you believe the power of Chandelier? Well, Farmhouse Chandelier does have this magic power to increase the earthy, nostalgic and cozy feeling in your lovely home. It can actually upgrade the level of your space’s ambiance in an instant, by continuously exuding the antique charm. Moreover, it has various shapes for your choice, varying from candle-shaped, drummed, globe to lantern.

Since more and more people prefer to select a farmhouse chandelier as the statement piece in their personal space, we would love to share some useful advice on how to choose wisely for your sweet home. Generally, farmhouse chandelier is a perfect design for any rooms, no matter your kitchen island or your living room and bedrooms, it can timelessly generate a classic and vintage air. For eye-catching purpose, geometric shaped pieces will stand out better in your places. However, if you enjoy a more romantic appearance, then a well-designed beaded chandelier with soft lines will be the best candidate. Besides, mini cage chandelier is an amazing choice if you are searching for an understated piece in a narrow space.

As we all know, ‘Good pieces can stand up to the test of time’. There is no doubt that Farmhouse Chandelier is just such kind of fabulous centerpiece, condensing the diligent work of experienced craftsman and companying your family silently under a wooden vintage appearance. In order to help you fully experience this traditional charm and neutral beauty, we’ve prepared multiple choices above for you to create a farmhouse style home.