Symbolization of chandelier
Chandelier symbolizes light in the room of darkness. It illuminates a dark room with its light hanging in the middle of the formal space. It symbolizes light which was used in medieval churches in order to light up huge rooms and halls. The simple method through which the size of the chandeliers is chosen is by adding a dimension of the room together in feet and then converting it into inches. However, it also depends on the demand of the room and space available to hang a chandelier. 

How to choose a chandelier size & style

There is the various style of chandeliers that are used in the kitchen for illuminating the space such as Kitchen under-cabinet lights, Rustic kitchen lighting, LNC Home has introduced various types of chandelier such as a mini chandelier, pendant chandelier, farmhouse chandelier, and many others. It has also a range of Tiffany Dining room lighting and many more styles. The design of chandelier has evolved over the decades. However, generally, there are three types of chandeliers that are traditional, contemporary and mini chandelier which is also popular as chandelettes. Let us take a quick look towards the anatomy of a chandelier. It has a loop that connects the chain of the chandelier to its body. 

Then it comes to the column which is the main framework of the chandelier. It has a bulb which is the source of light, a candle cup for holding the bulbs, candle sleeves which are designed to look like a wax candle. It has also Bobeche, an arm for holding the bulbs right away from the main chandelier column. It also has a Finial which is an ornament that hangs solely at the bottom of the chandelier. LNC Home has introduced many stylish chandeliers in the market such as an antique and vintage inspired chandelier, LNC Home chandelier transitional, LNC Home chandelier shabby chic French country.

Guidelines for hanging a chandelier:  Certain guidelines are needed to be followed while hanging the chandelier includes selecting a size, style, height, location, and the mechanism that it follows while operating. 

Installation and construction of chandelier: To install a chandelier, one has to follow certain steps such as: 

  • The power needs to be turned off in the first place
  • The instructions that are provided by the manufacturer needs to read carefully
  • After that part of the chandelier needs to be assembled
  • The old fixture needs to be taken out
  • After that, the new chandelier needs to be wired

The best way is to get assistance during the installation process as they are heavy and it needs more than one man to hold the fixture and to do the setting.