Step Up Your Home Decor with an Area Rug

Step Up Your Home Decor with an Area Rug

Decorating the walls of your room or adding sleek furniture and décor items can be your primary choices for a stylish home. However, you often tend to ignore the part where you tread on –the floor. Adding area rugs on your floor can heighten up the overall aesthetic charm of your room or your outdoor space. No matter whether you have an ample open floor space or a relatively stuffed area, the rugs can complement the floor design as well as the interior and exterior décor. Choosing the perfect rug can be quite confusing concerning the overall décor.

Step Up Your Home Decor with an Area Rug

Here are the best choices from LNC Home –

Super Soft Bohemian Retro Area Rug

If you are looking for large area rugs, the Polyester carpet with Retro Bohemian finish can be your best choice. The rug is soft to touch and will let you sit on it to enjoy reading, working, or even playing with kids. With a traditional touch, you will love the distressed finish that gives it a rustic yet charming look, something which complements wooden floor or any contrast printed floor sheet. There is no scope for fading or shedding, and the rug does not even release any odor. Soft polypropylene body with jute waft finish makes it sturdy.

Bohemian Retro Area Rug

Indoor Area Rug with Abstract Distressed Finish

Incorporating your home décor ideas is made possible with this soft and thin floor rug that goes well with marbled or tiled floor, wooden floor and even floor covered with a sheet. Stain and shedding resistant, this simple looking rug can be a great choice for bedroom, drawing room, dining area, or living room. Its polyester finish is silky smooth while mildly distressed finish with intricate stitching offers subtly sophisticated luster to the rooms. Keep your sofa sets beside the rug or instead throw some floor cushions to enjoy sitting on this antique rug.

Soften Treatment Non-Slip Area Rug with Vintage Abstract Finish

If you have small kids at home or have pets who love to roam about, you need a non-slip soft carpet rug to avoid any accident to those wobbly legs. The indoor-outdoor rugs from LNC Home are created with a distressed finish, and this product with softening treatment comes with a fresh blast of colors complementing a striking design that looks rustic with the flair of tonal fading. This Oriental styled rug takes inspiration from coastal views, and it's zero curled edges, and polypropylene build-up on jute binding makes it wrinkle-free.

Coastal Style Non-Slip Distressed Area Rug

Another option of non-slip floor rug is the shed resistant and stain resistant Traditional Coastal Style Non-Slip Rug made of polyester. For the bedroom, dining area, living room, or patio, this vintage rug offers a warm flair to contemporary styled rooms. Being soft and comfortable with excellent durability, you can easily clean it, thanks to its 1/3 inches pile height.   

If you have a wide area, it can consist of a significant space by making it look stylish. In case you have a smaller floor area, it will make sure the onlookers do not find the floor rug will grab the room or outdoor space stuffed as their attention.



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