Sale this Weekend! Up to 70% OFF Ceiling Lights and Home Decor

Sale this Weekend! Up to 70% OFF Ceiling Lights and Home Decor

With the fall season knocking at your doors, for your home, you can surely find some warm lighting to suit the warm colors outside. Although there is no particular season for renovating your home decor, the seasonal discounts are hard to miss because after all, none like to burn their pockets while decorating the house. As a matter of fact, in-ceiling lights, you can avail up to 70% discount on LNCHome and this will also help you in lightening up different rooms of your house at affordable cost.

Creating a spotlight feature from the ceiling and that too in different directions according to the decor setup can be a stylish option for your living room, Kitchen Island, bar, study and even for vanity mirrors. The track ceiling lights with semi-flush fixtures not only have a sleek black metallic finish to suit both rustic and contemporary household but are also suitable for dry indoors with hardwiring feature.

Adjust the spotlight wherever you need highlighting while not worrying about energy consumption because the fixtures are compatible with LED lights. For highlighting a small section such as the vanity mirror, kitchen sink or the study table as well as to direct the light towards some special decor –the single lights would work best. However, for larger sections like dining space, meeting area, living room, etc, you can consider setting up a set of two, three or four-track light accordingly.

If your house has low ceilings or you want lights that do not come much below the ceiling, thereby adding even light dispersion to large area, the flush ceiling lights can serve your purpose. Small yet eye-catching, delicate yet suitable for both urban-chic and farmhouse-style interiors –these lights come in different sizes and designs. You would find the industrial metal wire cages surrounding the bulbs quite charming for kitchen, hallway, sitting area, staircase landing and also bedroom.

For a rustic touch, check out the 3-light flush mount lights with pull string. The 4-light fixture offers to light in four directions while the 3-light fixture offers lighting in three directions. The 1-light dome-shaped flush mount fixture with clear glass shade inside wire cage or the one with frosted glass shade can also be great ceiling lights for living room.

Much like the Farmhouse-style 3-light flush mount fixture in a rust finish and cylindrical glass shade, there are also semi-flush mounted lights for your ceilings featuring the ever-so-nostalgic Mason Jars. While leading a modern life, if your heart yearns for the bygone days of storing candies or catching glowworms in Mason Jars, the semi-flush mounted three and five Mason Jar light fixtures hung from chains on a canopy would bring back the farmhouse vibe.

While the Mason Jar fixtures can be utilized as ceiling lights for kitchen, for foyer, hallway, living room, doorway, and bedrooms, you can choose the delicate and detailed ones such as the Bohemian-styled dimmable chandeliers with handcrafted wooden beads and crystal balls. Drum-shaped chandelier with cylindrical glass shade or the one made of wooden and metal frame can also be great choices if the chandelier with bronze mesh does not suit the decor.

To put it simple, be it wooden or metal, glass or combination of all three materials, the ceilings lights from LNCHome are all unique in their own way. Choose the light matching your decor or create a contrast –the weekend sale is not to be missed!

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