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Outdoor lighting options that take Lighting to a Whole New Level

Be it for highlighting your beautifully maintained garden or to keep the entrance and backyard lightened up for security –the outdoor lights from LNCHome can serve you in all your need. A romantic candlelit dinner on the porch or a barbecue party on the patio becomes more enjoyable when you have wall hanging lights and ceiling lights creating a dreamy ambience in compliment with the weather and surroundings outside. These hardwired lights are made of sturdy weather resistant metal and glass, that being said, maintain these lights is as easy as creating a new style statement for your outdoors. 

Create a colonial vintage look with the lantern styled outdoor hanging lights which brings back the nostalgia with clear, seeded, bubble or obscured patterns on the glass shades. What is striking in these fixtures is that all of these hanging lights have adjustable chains connected to the canopy so that no matter whether your ceiling is vaulted, sloped, plain or slanted, hanging the lights is never an issue. 

An exposed filament bulb inside the clear cylindrical shade creates a perfect drama with the black metal scrolls and the conical base. If you want a subtle glow without much glare, go for the transitional hanging light with frosted cylindrical shade –it does not have extra glass layer around the metal frame and hence, stands out among the rest of the fixtures. The rectangular metal and obscured glass frame attached to a square metal base also looks great when you have placed it on one side of the door or hanging above the seating area. 

When you are considering these outdoor pendant lighting fixtures, make sure you match these with the wall sconces of the similar design. Take for example, the black lantern sconces with or without glass body attached with the rectangular metal base on the wall –these sconces either have frosted glass shades or exposed filament bulb fixtures. You will also love the 2-light exterior sconce with candle stem fixtures because generally the lantern sconces house only one bulb. 

Coming to seeded and obscured glass body supported by metal frames, these offer a look of water drops trickling down on a rainy day while the warm bulb keeps up the cozy vibe around the outdoor space. 

One of the unique outdoor wall lights is the metal caged transitional sconce with crisscrossed metal bars and frosted cylindrical shade because of its patterned light dispersion. The black iron cage hanging fixture with one light holder inside bubble glass globe looks perfect in addition with the bronze sconce of the same design that is hung from the round base with a hooked arm. Another example is of the traditional hanging dimmable light fixture with seeded glass shade that is available in hanging variant with adjustable chain and in wall hanging variant with hooked arm.     


The cylindrical shade and metal scrolls as seen in the transitional hanging light fixture gets more depth with the frosted shade instead of the seeded pattern. You can choose among the fixtures with hooked arm or the ones which are affixed on the wall base.

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