My 6 Home Decoration Ideas

-- By MyRusticHouse

There are a few more areas in my home that I would love to refresh the lighting in eventually.

I thought it would be fun to look around LNC Home’s website to make a wish list of pieces that I would love to purchase.

Idea 1


Photo Credit to @MyRusticHouse

Let’s start in the Master bedroom.

I would love to have The Weathered Anchor Chandelier. This is such an elegant piece with a touch of rustic, which is totally my style.

This chandelier would add such a nice farmhouse touch and add character to your space.

Weathered Anchor Chandelier - 6 Lights


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Idea 2


Photo Credit to @MyRusticHouse

The next place I would love to refresh would be the Master bathroom.

The Mason Jar Light is my favorite. These would look great paired with a wood trim mirror.

They are an unexpected twist to a bathroom vanity area.

Mason Jar Light - 3 Lights


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Idea 3


Photo Credit to @MyRusticHouse

The kitchen eat in area is on my list to change later down the road, but if I were to choose today, I would pick the Mason Jar Linear Pendant Light with 3 lights and then coordinate the light over the island to have the same light but with four lights.

These would look great because my kitchen has touches of black and is more on the farmhouse style.

I love that they both coordinate so well together.

Mason Jar Linear Pendant Light - 4 Lights


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Idea 4


Photo Credit to @MyRusticHouse

The outside of my home is another area that I feel like could use some updating.

The Straw Hat Wall Sconce is so cute and unexpected. It is a style that I haven’t seen used much for an outdoor porch light.

I love having pieces in my home that spark a conversation and I feel like these would.

Straw Hat Wall Sconce


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Idea 5


Photo Credit to @MyRusticHouse

I think my guest powder room could use a fun new light as well and the Antique Wooden Wall Sconce would be perfect.

These add a touch of rustic with the wood and a little modern with the black metal.

I love the contrast and think these would be cute in any bathroom. I could also use these in my boy’s bathroom too.

Antique Wooden Wall Sconce - 2 Lights


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Idea 6


Photo Credit to @MyRusticHouse

My laundry room is in desperate need of new lighting.

I know people would ask why cute lighting in a laundry room. To that I would say every person that is doing the laundry would benefit from a cute space to make it less of a chore.

I think the Farmhouse Wooden Ceiling Light would be perfect. It has the rustic farmhouse look with a lighter feel. I want to keep this darker space as light as possible.

Linear Modern Spot Light - 3 Lights


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I think that pretty much wraps up my wish list of lighting from LNC Home and I hope that you find the perfect piece you are looking for to complete your space.

Their quality and selection are great. We would love to know what piece is on your wish list (Comment below!).

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  • Fanny chich

    Love the Weathered Anchor Chandelier!

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