Large Area Rugs Show Beauty Knows No Boundaries

Large Area Rugs Show Beauty Knows No Boundaries

If you think that your guests only look at the ceiling and wall while visiting your home, you are wrong because the floor plays a significant role in keeping you grounded! You cannot ignore the fact that it is floor which forms the closest connection with the earth and when you are sprawling an area rug over it, you are sure to spend more time in close contact with the floor. An area rug not only adds vitality to the floor but also can be a great seating option especially for those who do not want to sit on the bare floor. From coastal design to geometric print, from abstract design to vintage chic –there are various options on LNCHome to add beauty quotient to your home.    

One of the trendiest rugs that you can include in your bedroom, living room, study or seating area is the Coastal distressed area rug that has the vibe of a beach-side cottage or a sunny countryside. Made of high-quality polyester and with a pile height of only 1/3”, these rugs are easy to wash as the material is shed proof and stain-resistant. The abstract geometric printed rugs look great with contemporary styled houses and you can choose either the one with a minimal distressed pattern or the one with a dark-themed distressed pattern.

If you want rugs with a more distinct pattern, the navy blue and black vintage abstract print will work great for you. For simplistic charm, look out for the traditional vintage printed rug and if you want to add some chaos on the floor, go for the coastal distressed mat with detailed vintage motifs. In case, the room already has a number of elements, it is better to choose the vintage distressed area rugs with a highly distressed print that looks like faded old floor rugs.

Nothing beats the comfort and laid-back vibe than that of sitting on the floor rug with some cushions, books and a mug of coffee. For such times with yourself and your loved ones, there are the super-soft rugs made of 100% polyester which emanate no odor, do not fade under sun exposure and hardly shed the fibers while washing or running a vacuum cleaner. There are different pattern variants like traditional Bohemian retro design with floral print and the vintage simple design with a wide floral frame and a centerpiece.

Another option in this segment would be the non-slip rug with softening treatment which has 100% polypropylene fiber bound intensively and jute backing to avoid curling. With the incorporation of grey, blue and neutral-colored fibers, the rug has the coastal charm.

A distressed nonslip area rug will definitely be your best option when you have little kids and pets running around the room because these polyester carpets are made from tightly interwoven fibers that do not have wrinkles or curl on edges. From moderately distressed floral motifs to abstract vintage print with a centerpiece and detailed frame and the aimlessly distressed abstract detailing –there are lots of designs to consider in the on-slip segment.

Apart from these, you can also push your boundaries with a less distressing effect on detailed floral motifs or the blue and brown leaf pattern, the abstract chic pattern with detailed blocks and so on. 5’x7’, 5’x8’, 6.5’x9’ and 8’x10’ –choose the size of the rug accordingly.

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