Classic and beautiful Chesterfield cushion: A fresh comeback with Authentic Designs

Classic and beautiful Chesterfield cushion: A fresh comeback with Authentic Designs

Nothing is more appalling to a guest than being offered a seat on a bare chair without plush cushions. This is applicable to the house owners too who want to have some comfort while seating indoor on the dining table or on the outdoor bench and chairs for a hearty meal or chitchat. While some want printed cushion covers to suit their lively choice of colors, some want uniform printed covers for a more simplistic and minimalist look. In either case, the color of the cushion cover should match the surroundings and the furniture for a sophisticated look regardless of whether they are for indoor or outdoor purposes.

At the same time, many prefer the tufted cushion designs considering that these provide more comfort to their hip and back while others would go for the non-tufted ones for the dinner table chairs mostly.

Coming first to the non-tufted deep seat indoor and outdoor dining chair cushions from LNCHome, you will love these simple yet modish cushions as they offer comfort to both your posterior and your back. Available in white and cabana stripe color variants, these cushions have two parts –the square 24.4”x24.4” cushion is for backrest while the 26”x25.2“ cushion with 6” thickness is for the chair seat. For periodic cleaning, you can open up the zip in the seat cushion and wash the polyester filling.

If you want more back comfort, check out the three-piece outdoor chair cushion with versatile swing feature that can also be used for indoors and also on your patio bench by placing it horizontally. While the two tied parts for backrest are 11”x20” respectively, the seat cushion is almost square with a 19.7”x20” dimension. Contemporarily designed houses can make use of the orange Aztec patterned covers while laid-back households can make use of the tropical leaf patterned covers that complement the foliage’s in your garden.

The uniform black rectangular 3-piece tufted cushions or the yellow and blue tufted cushions would perfectly match households with minimal decors and not many ornamental plants in the garden. The covers of these patio cushions made of polyester are water, stain, and fade-resistant, so are the polyester fillings. While the ties binding the three parts offer maximum stability, the tufted design offers maximum comfort. Besides, the platinum shimmer gives the cushions a glossy touch that adds vibrancy to the household.

Just as there are tufted and non-tufted designs for chairs, the same is applicable for outdoor benches. You can, of course, use the three-piece rectangular seat cushions for the benches but they tied areas might be discomforting to some. Hence, LNCHome brings you the uniform outdoor bench cushions which are available in various patterned covers such as black and white geometric design, triangular blue, green and grey design, Aztec print and red Ikat design. All these bench cushions are 43.3” in length and 17.7 inches in width while the 4.5” thick plush polyester filling is quite comforting for your posterior.

Lastly, those with a small outdoor seating arrangement can make use of the pack of two tufted seat cushions which are available in red Ikat and black geometric design as well as glossy blue and green designs with platinum shimmer.

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