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Choosing Ideal Outdoor Seat Cushions This Summer

Summer comes with the glistening warm sunshine on the clear blue sky, lively birds chirping in the outdoors, fresh smell of the flowers and fluttering butterflies in the garden. With such a feel-good ambiance outside, anyone would love to soak in the sun and get some tan. LNCHome makes sure you get to enjoy the summer vibes to the best extent with the fluffy and comfy outdoor chair seat cushions. Many people have their own patio seating space while some make way for temporary seating arrangement at the backyard, porch or balcony.

According to the number of chairs or benches as well as design, you should choose the cushions. While the individual seat cushions can easily be placed on the bench and chairs alike, the rectangular large cushions with ties can be used for benches as well as backrests and seat of chairs.

Coming to the pack of two Square tufted outdoor cushions, with a dimension of 19.7”x18.9” in width and length, they are perfect both for backrest and seats. Available in blue and green color variants, the cushions have shimmering effect with platinum glint. If you are up for patterns and colors, check out the Indigo Damask and Red Ikat patterned ones. These cushions are filled with 100% polyester filling for comfort and polyester upholstery that is fade-resistant, stain-resistant and water-resistant. While the solid colored ones offer a classy look, the patterned ones give a merry vibe.

For a single chair, you can go for the deep seat outdoor styling cushions which are available in solid beige color and brown cabana stripes. While the pillow or backrest is 24.4”x24.4” in dimension, the seat is 25.2”x26” in dimension. Coming with a zip-locked polyester cover, these cushions are not tufted and you can fill in more polyester or take out some filling to match your comfort.

If you are more comfortable with non-tufted design, the single chair cushions in orange Aztec print and the green tropical printed ones can be prospective choices. Used mostly as dining chair cushions, these tropical summer-themed cushions have three compartments tied with strings for stability. You can swing the cushions according to the build-up of the chair and enjoy fluffiness both in the head, back and waist while resting your hips on the polyester filling that is resistant of water, fading, and stains.

The above style of cushioning is also available in tufted version and different color variants like matte black and glossy yellow and green with a platinum shimmering finish. Such an outdoor seat cushion can be used on patio bench as well as on chairs to give comfort from head to waist with 4.5 inches deep polyester filling. The three compartments tied together for stability are 9.8”, 11.8” and 19.7” in length from the top while the width is 20”.

Besides, for outdoor benches, you can choose the non-tufted rectangular cushions in red Ikat, orange geometric and black floral patterns or go for the tufted green geometric and glossy yellow variants. Stain, fading and water-resistant polyester fabric adds 4.5” of height to the cushions with dimensions of 43.3”x17.7”.  

While you can have seating arrangement on the bare or carpeted floor, some like to add multi-seater benches or cushioned chairs surrounding a small table. Whatever your requirement is, LNCHome has it all covered for you so that you can choose the one suitable for you.

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