Beautiful Cushions That Surpass Time and Trends

Beautiful Cushions That Surpass Time and Trends

None like to hurt their back or posterior while sitting relaxingly on a couch, chair or a bench, chatting with people or spending some time with themselves. To add comfort when you read a book, fidget on your mobile or laptop or enjoy nature outside or watch a show in your cozy room, you need to snuggle and sit properly on the chair, sofa, and bench with proper cushioning support. LNCHome has the timeless collection of tufted and non-tufted cushions for benches, high chairs and couches with different prints and uniform colors to suit the choice of house owners and furniture setup of different houses.  

Coming first to the outdoor bench seat cushions of 17.7” width and 43.3” length, these are available in stunning prints that look neither gaudy nor too simplistic. There is a black and off-white geometric print variant that is suitable for a contemporary household with classy setup while the orange, blue, red and green geometric print cushion is for households with vibrant use of colors such as bright walls, colorful curtains, and vibrant gardens. The red and blue Ikat designed cushion is for those who prefer dark colored fabric for a household.

Apart from these non-tufted cushions, there is also the versatile tufted cushion with a green, blue and grey triangular pattern that looks perfect in compliment with the lush outdoors and the shimmering golden yellow bench cushion that suits households with the warm-toned wall color, fabric, and furniture.

The three-piece outdoor dining chair cushions added by ties can give your couches and chairs more comfort and vitality as you can effortlessly adjust the cushions to support your head, shoulder, back, and hips while sitting on the chair. These cushions can also be placed on an indoor or outdoor bench. The cushions have 5-inch thick polyester filling and the polyester cover is fading, water, dust, and stain-resistant. Among the non-tufted designs, you will get the colorful Aztec printed variant with geometrical patterns and the tropical printed variant with grey and teal leaves pattern.

Those who want the tufted design would love the golden yellow, black and blue variants with a platinum shimmering effect. The width of these cushions is 20 inches while the seat is 19.7 inches long and the back cushions are 9.8 inches and 11.8 inches long respectively.

Another option for indoor and outdoor chair cushions will be the deep seat square pillow and cushion set that is available in white and cabana striped variants in a trendy way. Those who want more comfort to the hips would love these 6 inches thick seats with 24”x24” dimension. The pillow on the back is also square with a dimension of 24.4”x24.4”.

The pack of two outdoor seat cushions would be great options if your chairs have a plush backrest. You can mix and match with different colored and patterned cushions to add some vibrant touch to the household. These cushions are 3 inches thick with 18.9 inches length and 19.7 inches width. If you want printed ones, check out the black and white Indigo Damask printed one or the red and blue Ikat printed one. The shimmering blue and green cushions add classiness while keeping it simple.

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